Ecosomatics [podcast]

Environmental Organs

Adaptation ~ MycoPoetics


Repatterning [podcast]

Process-based, Social, and Ecological Projects:

Urban Gardens: Berlin’s Ecologies through Transdisciplinary Lenses

School of Lost Knowledges


The Hut

The Talking Apricots: On the Garden as Studio [podcast]

Garden as Studio

Social Body Apothecary/Sozialkörper Apotheke

Urban Resilience

Landing Sessions [old post]

Landing at the Intersections [essay]

Landing in the Garden [essay]

Foresta: Wild Geese [podcast]

Landing at Future Perfect Land

Submerging at (Re)Gaining Ecological Futures Festival

PlantBody Inversion into Decomposition [somatic audio]

Witch Camp

Curtains [essay]


Resonance is Relationship [text]

Landing: Murmurations

Planting Dreams

A Body Turned Inside Out [essay]

Ecosomatic Dance & Arts: Practices of Social, Political & Spiritual Transformation

PORCH: Gardenbody Module

P.O.R.C.H. Gardenbody 2019 [old post]


Body Matters Symposium

LARK: Living Archive of Re-membered Knowledges


Augury x

Human Gardening

Moving Garden: Orientations in Body & Land

Human Gardening [old post]

Moving Garden at Lake Studios [old post]

Landings – Vallisaari island

Vagittarius Rising

Garden as Studio [old post including 2017, 2018 details]

Decomposing Senses of Place [old post]

Decomposing Senses of Place

Queeries into Collective Feminisms

Strip Trees

queeries into collective feminisms [old post]

d e c o m p o s u r e X [old format]

Angry Girl Meditation

d e c o m p o s u r e

Spoon Camp

Field of Sensibilities: Who(se)?

Field of Sensibilities x [old format]

HEREstory [old post]


HereStory: Living Library

What if We Dig Under the Bed?

Performing Wild(er)ness [old post]

Performing Wild(er)ness

Experiments in Giving & Taking

Youth Education


Wanderlust X [old format]

Brushing X [old format]



I Will Squat in the Dirt and Grow Flowers

I Will Squat in the Dirt and Grow Flowers X [old format]

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