Garden as Studio

2018 – 2023: A long-term platform hosting seasonal events
Ponderosa: Stolzenhagen, Germany

Garden as Studio is a long-term platform hosting seasonal events to engage with the Ponderosa garden, land, and ecologies as a space for artistic research, facilitated by Shelley Etkin and guests.

Please visit for an archive of previous offerings and details for the upcoming seasons.

Video by Chani Bockwinkel
Photo by Tom O’Doherty

Welcome to the garden as a studio, a living classroom, an ensemble of beings who continually de- and re-compose this place.

Garden as Studio is a platform that continues to shape-shift, experimenting with different formats for mutual exchange between bodies and lands. Workshops and gatherings offers ways to practice reading, listening, and participating in the life of the garden. By tuning our sensory and perceptual capacities towards being in communication with the plant world, we open towards their medicinal characteristics, their knowledges and ours. While digging in and getting our hands dirty, we consider how to engage in regenerative relationships to soil.

As a previous participant once reflected, “it was a combination of flower-gazing and shit-shovelling.

Photo by Ludger Storcks