Spoon Camp

June 3 – July 1 2016 at PONDEROSA

SPOON CAMP is a place to prepare situations for research and exposure.  A performance platform, retreat and self devised entertainment playground for burnt out artists, Berliners, and global networkers. For those who can breathe and thrive in non-structured environments. Created by witches and demons, divas and just people. Take the space, perform, write, research and holiday!

Facilitated & Curated by: Agne Auželytė, Yoshiko Chuma, Shelley Etkin, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Joseph Janeti, Kata Kovacs, Benoît Lachambre, Stephanie Maher, Peter Pleyer, Jen Polins, Maria Francesca ScaroniMeg Stuart, Julian Weber, Anja Müller.

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