Mossbelly explores embodied ways to be with the knowledge and insights of plants and plant consciousness. We will invite a mutual field of reciprocity with different local plants. Sourcing from herbal medicine, plant grinding, wild crafting, plant-inspired touch and listening in many forms we will journey together into a shared sphere of resonance through the dancing body. 

ImPulsTanz Research Project: Vienna, Austria – 17.07 – 21.07.2023

This Field Project is a continuous experimentation in decentralising human activity to enter into mutual communication with plant beings, learning directly from them, working as partners in artistic contexts. We will explore movement research through encounters with local plants and embodied resonance, asking how we can be moved by these relations.

How might we meet the entity of a plant in its multiplicity through our bodies as an ensemble, becoming a symphony in a shared ecology?

We will work in the dance studio and in outdoor locations, dialoguing between these spaces. No previous experience is required, only an openness and interest in subtle attunement with plants.

Image by Shelley Etkin

Previously, the Toronto Dance Community Love-In hosted Shelley Etkin and Angela Schubot for a Mossbelly Workshop and Collective Practice Project: March-April, 2022

Image by Angela Schubot