The Toronto Dance Community Love-In hosts Shelley Etkin and Angela Schubot for a Workshop and Collective Practice Project: March, 2020

Mossbelly workshop:

This workshop explores embodied ways to be with the knowledge and spiritual insights of plants and plant consciousness. It is a time of encounter with the multiplicity of non-human forces in us, more than us, and beyond us and dedicating to our ongoing mutual relationships with them.

Our practices explore inner and outer dimensions of bodies and lands, inviting a place of connectivity and listening. How might we meet the entity of a plant as an ensemble, a symphony in our shared ecology? How can we enter co-creative processes with nature forces in visible and invisible realms, letting them speak through our bodies through dance, meditation, touch and incarnation? How will we stay in it, loving the unknown?

Image by Angela Schubot

Collective Practice Project:

This group research project explores embodied ways to be with the knowledge and spiritual insights of plants and plant consciousness through hybrid practices of plant trituration and movement research. 

Trituration is a practice stemming from homeopathy. It opens a space of resonance through the grinding and scraping of a living substance with mortar and pestle in several rounds of potency. The practice offers direct experiences into a substance’s essential healing properties and information is observed and noted on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and collective levels. No ingestion is involved. Rather, the practice of trituration works through a mutual field of resonance and reciprocity. 

The ritual of trituration will form the container for an experimental dance research into the multiplicity of presences, reflected in the substance and the body as well as the collective gathering and wider land. The one substance expresses itself through the prisms of each human system present and this heterogeneous information comes back together as one whole picture; that of the substance’s signature as a being. We will strive to honor the specificity of this practice and the substance with whom we work, while opening to unknown forms. We ask, how might this experience be transmitted through the body and movement? Become embodied?