Foresta: Wild Geese [podcast]

In October we contemplate wild geese forming skeins to leave the northern lands, and meditate on the subject of farewells. Potentially Life and Death are more than friends. They are mutual processes of being. Where the spiritual and the material are not separated, there is also no antagonistic separation between forces of beginnings and endings.

To contribute to this months podcast, we invited a transdisciplinary artist, educator and gardener Shelley Etkin, for a conversation around processes of decay and decomposition in the natural world,

Steve Portugal, a comparative ecophysiologist, whose research deepens into sensory ecology and behaviour of birds, to introduce a western scientific view into the intricacies of the bird’s practice of migration….

…and sandhill cranes, wild geese, ducks, woodpeckers, frogs and other voices of creatures that can be heard on an early morning on Madora Lake. The soundscape has been recorded by Tim Kahn from Portland.

Produced by: Sabina Enéa Téari, Egor Sviridenko
Opening and closing music: Pied butcherbird, Claire Edwardes, Hollis Taylor, Jon Rose
Opening and closing visuals and transitions: Alexander Sharapov
Episode artwork: Laura Savina