Ecosomatic Dance & Arts: Practices of Social, Political & Spiritual Transformation

17th, 18th, 19th of April 2020

The Centre for Embodiment & Bio-Somatic Dance Movement Naturotherapy: Cheltenham, United Kingdom–international-courses.html

A conference with a difference. There will be a range of workshops, performances, presentations and films. Organised by Dr. Amanda Williamson.

Shelley will be sharing Landing: a body of artistic research exploring mutual communicative exchange with land through somatic journeying.

I will share some of the worlds, felt-knowings, and complexities of landing, in the form of a textual garden; a living sphere of relations, attended with intention. When ‘land’ becomes a verb it orients away from the fixation of nouns and territorialization of pronouns, becoming understood as a process, a queer morphology. Landing asks how somatic journeying might reckon with subtle imprints, including traumas of conquest and control, through legacies of colonial, diasporic, exile, and nomadic movements through lands. Is there a non-invasive way of journeying? How might the practice of landing touch into an imaginal realm shared by humans and land? I will offer an opening into the underbelly of landing, raising questions concerning language, healing as a process of tracking change and performance that opens inwards.