Queeries into Collective Feminisms

Queeries into Collective Feminisms is a 10-day exchange of experiences and practices at Ponderosa, followed by a 3-day public festival at ausland in Berlin.
September 5-18, 2016.

This gathering is initiated by Shelley Etkin & Kata Kovacs and invites collectives and individuals working with queer feminisms to share their thoughts, works, dreams, and experiences with each other, through artistic practices. We offer this with the intention of fluid exchange between peers. We acknowledge and embrace the complex hierarchies that are at play. We want to work with this, break it down try & fail & try again. This is an experiment.

Photo by Tom O’Doherty

Participating individuals & collectives map geographies of Berlin, London, San Francisco/Oakland California, Tel Aviv, and New York among other locales.

Designed by Judy Landkammer

“Fuck bridges, let’s carve tunnels”