An archive of the garden, a medicine cabinet, a seed library, and a living community resource.
Co-initiated with Suzan Gürenci as part of Ponderosa’s ‘Tipping Utopia‘ archival project.

Shelley Etkin and Suzan Gürenci meet through their relations with this land, focusing particularly on three plants: Beinwell/Comfrey, Ringelblume/Calendula, and Alant/Elecampane. By assembling a medicine cabinet and map of stories, the archive weaves personal, medicinal, local, and relational threads together. Visitors are welcome to independently encounter the qualities of these plants in various forms.

Since this time, the space serves as a continually evolving repository for the knowledges, medicines, fertilizers, crafts, happenings, tools, notes and questions of the Garden as Studio platform.

Photo by Shelley Etkin
Image design by Tom O’Doherty
Photo by Micheál Rowsome