Body Matters Symposium

Somatic Intelligence in Everyday Life

Hosted by La Foresta Collective at Bard College Berlin

11-12 May, 2019

The ‘Body Matters’ series by La Foresta is dedicated to unified human intelligence, its tangible and intangible nature… dedicated to a more embodied culture is an interest in the intelligence of the body connected to lived life, in the relationship between physical states and states of mind, in the body as our perceiving, thinking, feeling, moving, and acting in the world.

This event is open for everyone interested in or working with the body as not necessarily an exclusive but an essential point of access to the world and their own reality as well as those of others. Whether it is personally or professionally. It’s for everyone who has open questions and is willing to explore them in a collective inquiry, beyond ideologies, missions, or promotions. With this event we are searching to create a space for walking the unknown territory together and exchanging experiences and knowledge on the way.

Text by La Foresta Collective

Photo by La Foresta