Moving Garden: Orientations in Body & Land

Workshop co-facilitated by Shelley Etkin and Kira Kirsch at Lake Studios Berlin.
24 September, 2018.

Offering portals between body and land, we will move from these embodied states towards the expanded field of the Lake Studios garden. We will explore practices which engage with sensation and perception through and beyond the borders of our human anatomy. This work partners with the site of Lake Studios as a many-centered ensemble of relational forces, which we may track in immaterial journeys and material mappings.

‘Organism’ by Fred Tomaselli

The day will be lead by Kira and Shelley each one coming with their background of ecological dance practices creating both practical as well as imaginary scenarios for bodying, working or intra-active designing in the garden and studio. Invited are dance and somatic practitioners as well as gardeners and all who are curious to extend communication to the other-than-human worlds. The day will culminate in a collective envisioning of possible futures for the garden and the ‘moving garden’ work. In the  spirit of the autumnal equinox that invites reflection and slowing down we will gather around a bonfire to finish the day.