Landing is an ongoing process; we are landing and the land is landing all the time. As a shift away from the territory of nouns into a mode of living in verbs, landing embodies a continual movement.

Landing Sessions explores experiential methodologies for mutual communicative exchange with land. During the sessions, participants are facilitated into perceptive somatic journeys, which track layers of sensations, visualizations, and reflections.

Rather than a territorial notion of land, approaching ‘landing’ as a process raises questions about what decolonisation of the imagination, of the body, as a verb. This is a felt-sense practice in acknowledging land as our primary cultural context, to meet the complexity of presences within the land where the practice is held, and the multiple lands carried within each body.

Landing is a queer morphology, a shared field of perception with land, attuning to intuitive or felt-knowings that are in mutual communication with land.

Landing sessions offers a journeying practice tuned by each individual’s question regarding their own relation to land, bringing these into the place where the practice is held. Participants will be guided to shift their perception by way of a meditative journey almost like a lucid dream.

Landing at Future Perfect Land, Monopol: Berlin, Germany 2021. Photo by

Landing Sessions have taken place in a range of settings, from a journey to Vallisaari island in Helsinki or Kunstraum Kreuzberg gallery in the heart of Berlin, to a hand-built human-sized nest inside of a funfair for speculative realities. Landing sessions have been shared privately to support artistic and personal processes, integrated as pedagogical methodologies, and offered in experiential artistic contexts.

Landing Sessions at Omenapuutalo: Helsinki, Finland 2017. Photos by Antti Ahonen.
Landings on Vallisaari Island: Helsinki, Finland 2018. Photos by Teo Ala-Ruona.
Landing at Capitalo, Chthulu, and a Much Hotter Compost Pile at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien: Berlin, Germany 2018. Photos by Shelley Etkin.

Landing as Pedagogical Methodology

Landing has been the basis to inform projects with youth and led to the development of nesting supported by Theater o.N. Landing Sessions were offered to professionals in the field of performing arts for young audiences in the context of the FRATZ Symposium ‘Race, Class, Gender – Intersectional Perspectives’ Berlin, Germany 2020. 

Read Landing at the Intersections a short essay published in the FRATZ Reflections journal.


Landing has been the grounds for facilitating group sessions and workshops including at the Body IQ Somatics Festival (Berlin, 2021) and the ‘Down To Earth’ Exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau (Berlin 2020), within courses offered at the Theater Academy Helsinki including Witch Camp (2021) and Home School with Plants (2020), and hosted by the Toronto Dance Community Love-In Collective (2020), among other contexts.