I Will Squat in the Dirt and Grow Flowers X [old format]

Shelley passing plant through window in greenhouse to audience/participant Hanae

I Will Squat in the Dirt and Grow Flowers airs private treasures through windows and cracks, offering the HomeBase greenhouse as a domestic sphere abandoned in winter and turned inside out.

I Will Squat in the Dirt and Grow Flowers, HomeBase BUILD Artist Residency, Berlin, 2013, photo credit Eyal Dinar and Naja Sayej

The piece digs through questions of in/visibility, transplantation, uprooting, containment, concealment, and recycling inhabitance. I am offering a channel for the many ghosts and incarnations that inhabit the physical material (architecture, composted dirt, body.) Through the movement of these elements I create ‘action paintings,’ revealing layers of imprints.

Offering a climate of peering & perceiving, I invite an engagement with the elements.

Come. Do not hide. Remember.
Lost. I am not lost, I wait
in the midst of a sea-forest.