Shelley Mina Etkin

Shelley Etkin ​is a transdisciplinary artist, educator, and gardener based in Berlin, with roots in the United States and Israel. Her work centres relations between bodies and lands, engaging in process-based ecological thinking, making, and healing. Moving between dance, performance, curation, pedagogy and community organising she weaves practices of plant medicine, hands-on bodywork, and place-based knowledges.

Shelley works with somatic and earth-care practices, independently and collaboratively, in a range of environments including Ponderosa, a rural arts centre where she facilitates the Garden as Studio platform and teaches in P.O.R.C.H. (Ponderosa Ongoing Research Collaboration Happenings) Modules such as Gardenbody and PERM (Performance Environmental Resonance Module). Shelley is also a guest lecturer in the Humboldt University of Berlin, facilitating a course on transdisciplinary ecology through the perspectives of urban gardens.

Throughout recent years, Shelley is developing landing; a body of artistic research facilitating communicative exchange through journeying methods. Landing as a verb embodies a continual movement, asking to perceive and witness patterns of territorialisation and colonisation through a shared imaginal sphere with land. 

Shelley is in ongoing collaborations with Laura Burns as LARK: Living Archive of Re-membered Knowledges, with Angela Schubot as the Mossbelly project and longterm learning exchanges with Aune Kallinen and Jared Gradinger, among others. Shelley is a member of the multidisciplinary collectives Hungry Mothers and La Foresta. Previously, she has been performing with Agnė Auželytė as Vagittarius Rising and co-curating with COVEN Berlin.

Shelley holds an M.A. in Ecology and Contemporary Performance (Finland) and B.A. in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (USA).

Image from morpholog series, 2016
by Shelley Etkin